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Ice, Ice Baby
Season One, 3
Air date September 15, 2005
Written by Simon Racioppa
Directed by Joanne Boreham
Episode Guide
Fun For All


Delilah Identity
"Look they're drooling! Just like you whenever Ice is around"


The day starts off with D&J on a yacht working as part of the crew. Once alone however they steal plans from a safe and escape off the ship.

Expecting a relaxing weekend, both are annoyed when the world's power grid is rerouted, Delilah and Julius are off to the North to find the source of the problem. There, they find Ice, planning to melt the polar ice caps with a giant ice diamond, so she build a new resort chain.


Julius : (To Ice) Wow! you look hot! (Delilah growls) ...To bad you leave me cold?

Delilah : I may look small. But I'm really mean!


This is the episode Julius starts calling Delilah 'D'

Death Toll
1 Male- hit his head on ice
2 Males- Frozen with liquid Nitrogen

Ice stated that at the temperatures they were in, that the Ice in the cave is a hundred times stronger than steel. However moments after, she stomped for heel down, and it cracked the ice.


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