Eye of the Storm
Season One, 9
Eye of the Storm - D&J II
Air date October 20, 2005
Written by Simon Racioppa
Directed by Joanne Boreham
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The Ratings War


Saving Scarlett


Delilah and Julius start off the show by stealing a dog back in London England. After returning back to Canada Al informs them, they will be getting new partents. Emmit & Ersala- uch to their un-happyness. Emmit is to be parented with Delilah, and Julius is with Ersala. Al then states that the change is permanent. Its to help the other two out with their missions, since both Delilah and Julius and both A+ agents.

On a mission to the Philippines both Delilah and Julius try to help their new partens, but quickly get annoyed with their incompitance. Later Delilah and Julius both get seperated from each other & must work with their new partens. Emmit falls out of the plane due to Ersala poor driving and Delilahs jumps out after him. He then attacks her and she muct knock him out. Julius has no better luck with Ersala when she gets them both captured by Baguio Joe. Delilah and Julius finally meet up again and get all four of them out alive wih the mission completed. A couple days later back at the acadomy Al informes them both that Emmit & Ersala find Delilah and Julius to hard to work with, and want their old partners back.


Ursila: We're doomed!
Julius: We're in trouble yes. Doomed is a little, uh dramatic.