Al Riled Up
Two, 4
Riled Up - D&J I
Air date October ??, 2006
Written by Daniel Williams
Lienne Sawatsky
Directed by Joanne Boreham

Ron Doucet

Episode Guide
Homework Detrimental


Case of the Comic Capers


Al is accused of treason after reaking into the GIB to uncover more information on the Zero List. While in prision, Delilah, Julius, & Scarlett device a plan to get him out. During that plan, Julius is injured and decided to stay behind for more reasons that one. He gets in contacks with the same young man who helped him out at the LleWelyn House a few weeks ago. While Scarlett & Delilah are seconds away from rescuing Al, they find his cell empty, and Scarlett realizes Al has been taken by Dynimo. After finally rescuing Al, he is once again arrested on the same charged on treason. However the guy from earlier had given Julius a phone & information. Julius used that information to get Al released from the GIB.





Conman is show being booked at the GIB when Scarlett was demeaning answers.

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