Real Name: Al Norman
Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 40+
Height: 5'10
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Citizenship: Canadian
Special Skills: Unknown
Professional Info
  The Academy
  No Known Affiliations
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Underground
Voiced by:
  Andy Bianchi

The director of the Academy, Al is always highly informed and gives Delilah and Julius their mission assignments. Al's not only their primary contact, guide and teacher, but he's also a parental figure for Delilah and Julius. A free spirited individual, Al talks like a mid-70's Californian surfer/hippie. He is passionate for food and culture and has a unique sense of humour, but can also be serious, especially when it comes to keeping his charges safe.

Al has worked for GIB for 23 years, was in a Siberian prison for over 17 months, drank poisson in Shanghai China to keep his cover, walked across the Sahara Desert for a file, was Interrogated BY Russian spies in a sinking submarin, and brought to the brink of death by ninja mercenaries.

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